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Gordon Waddell
Seminars and Workshops Most Requested

Skiing from the Inside / Out

"Women are NOT small men" - Correct Training Strategies for Women

"360 - The Total shoulder": From Pre-hab to Re-hab

"You can't train the core on the floor!!" -Advanced Concepts in Core Conditioning

Pain, Posture & Ergonomics - "How to sit, stand & move to be pain free!"

"Save your knees!"

"Functional Training from the Inside Out
-- is your training Functional or Fictional?"

Dynamic Core Conditioning

Court Conditioning 101 - How to prevent injuries & increase performance for Racquet Sports!

Training Youth Athletes - What coaches should know and parents MUST KNOW!!

You ARE what you EAT, - The TRUTH about nutrition, health, & performance!

Seminars / workshops are FREE to organizations that will provide a location and at least 10 participants - contact Gordon for details!